Digital experiences

We are very keen on adding interactive aspects to our projects. We want our projects to encourage visitors to get out their cameras and share the resulting images with friends and family.

But we want to go even further. We want to offer visitors interactive experiences that arouse their curiosity and brighten their day. Whether visiting solo, in a couple or as a family, visitors will leave with fun-filled photos they can share on social media.

Discover our interactive experiences.

Green wall

This experience takes place in a black booth. Visitors can enter the booth alone, or with friends or family. A sticker on the floor indicates the best place to stand, i.e. facing the terminal with their back to the green wall. To launch the experience, the visitor touches the interactive screen. They are then projected into a virtual universe. Three photos are taken and sent directly to the visitor's smartphone. Your logo and personalised message will appear on the photos, which can then be shared on social media!

Christmas on the beach

Make your nearest and dearest believe that you’re spending Christmas on a tropical beach. Imagine how they will react when they see a moose or polar bear saunter across the photo!

Ice rink

Your are the king or queen of the ice rink... Interact with the various characters to get the funniest photos.

Love is in the air!

Saint Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, there are so many opportunities to capture and share unforgettable moments with loved ones.

Comic strip hero

Turn yourself into a comic strip hero. Dress up using the virtual props and strike a pose in a vintage setting.

Small is beautiful

As soon as you press “start”, you will visibly start to shrink and become part of the decorations. Experience Christmas from a whole new perspective!


Pose on stage in front of walls of smiley faces, add glasses, hearts or tears of joy. Leave with three great images to remind you of these happy moments.

Season's greetings

Create a greetings card by posing in one of our magnificent Christmas scenes.

Augmented reality

Place the QR code in a prominent position and invite your visitors to scan it. They can then choose the character of their choice and strike a pose. The images can then be shared in social media. And the icing on the cake? Your logo and personalised message will appear on the photos, and you can repeat the experience as many times as you like.