Sometimes things happen by chance…

On this World Day for Safety and Health at Work, a dozen members of our team received their « First Aid at Work » certificate at the end of a 3-day training course!

During these 3 days, our employees were made aware of and trained to perform the essential actions and basic first aid before the arrival of the emergency services.

Although the content of this training was defined by the SPF Emploi, Travail et Concertation sociale all the topics were discussed with the trainer under the prism of our professional reality by integrating our procedures.

And to keep their precious status of « industrial first aiders », our team of patented first aiders will follow a continuous training of min. 4 hours every year!

Thanks again to Sophie Lahousse-« Sauve qui peut » for this very qualitative and enriching training!

And you, do you have enough first aiders among your teams to manage potential accidents and offer a safe working environment to your employees?