Since this year I wear both hats of Pro and Premium so I explore both approaches.

For PRO work, I will remember the deal with our client Trilec for the Gemeente Kruisem project. It is a new municipality born from the merger of 2 municipalities and the members of the municipality wanted to create a “municipal identity”. In addition to having illuminated all the villages of the entity as well as a large part of the main shops of the city centre, we have created for them custom logos in 2D & 3D. We have also placed countless Made In Globall eye-catchers that dot their new town: Ballymena ball, Waterloo star, Denton barley sugar, Waterloo ring, Otaki ark, Tiksi bear, Lapua, Waterloo reindeer, Oakdale 3D gift, Kadoka ball… A project costing around € 75,000 for a “small” municipality which is delighted with the results!

In PREMIUM, it was the project for the Municipality of Awans that struck me, because it was the first Premium project that I won, for a period of 3 years, and they are super happy! In addition, it is in my native region, still the stronghold of a big competitor from whom we have taken 5 new local municipalities this year.

And one last because good things always come in threes… A great facade lighting project via my client Electric SA.

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