To be fully prepared to tackle the 2021 season and the new challenges that lie ahead, we invested in the development of our teams in this first part of the year. These development needs had either been identified by managers, or been formulated directly by those involved, whether during the evaluations or informal meetings.

Conversion rate and cold calling training for Premium

Everyone in Premium is very dedicated to our clients’ projects! But sometimes it is difficult to identify projects that are “not worth it” and generate a lot of work with nothing in return. It can also happen that the briefing is not very extensive and that crucial information for creatives and field officers is not readily available from the start.

To help the team set up a process that quickly identifies whether a project is worth it while providing as much information as possible, we called on Talent Garden and its two partners, Yves and Pierre.

At a later stage, Pierre coached the Key Account Managers to prepare them to the delicate exercise of cold calling: making contact with potential customers who do not know us yet.

Happy with this collaboration, we are currently discussing with Talent Garden to work with the PRO department in 2022.

Brexit seminar for Arnaud

Brexit has many consequences, especially in terms of trade and customs. In order to familiarize himself with these new regulations, Arnaud attended a seminar organized by Explort Academy on the logistics of post-Brexit import-export operations.

Elevating work platform training for field officers in the coming weeks

The field officers supervise the teams of installers during assembly and disassembly at customers’ premises. It’s not really part of their job, but unforeseen situations can force them to climb onto elevating work platforms themselves, which is risky when you don’t know all the safety rules. With these three days of training, they will be ready to face any situation.

Spanish language courses for Cédric

Cédric works with Spanish-speaking Key Account Managers, mainly Ainhoa. Although he had very good knowledge of Spanish, he felt a bit restricted to express himself and collaborate in the best conditions. He told us about this need and he now devotes 2 hours a week to perfecting his Spanish with a private teacher.

Other trainings will take place in the first half of 2022, including the basics about electricity.

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