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Pink flamingos

Sunny days are back and our pink flamingos are enjoying the beautiful weather! A tropical atmosphere was created in this shopping mall with 2 giant birds (8,5m) and some delicious fresh [...]

World Cup 2018

D-100 before the kick-off of the World Cup !  Our giant soccer balls will immerse you directly in the festive atmosphere of the stadiums. A full colour range Black & white or multicolour, [...]

Hearts & Roses

SPREAD THE LOVE ON VALENTINE’S DAY Shopping centers can be festive all year long ! There are many special occasions on which a unique décor will awaken your visitors’ senses. In their [...]

Viva for Life

Viva for Life fights against poverty in Belgium and more specifically for families with young children. The funds raised by their actions will finance the strengthening of active field [...]

Smurfs village !

We dreamt about it a few months ago after announcing our unique collaboration with IMPS and here it is. The Christmas season is in full swing in Smurfs’ village. As always, pictures are worth a [...]

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