In recent years, and in 2020 in particular, our lives are increasingly influenced by digitalization. Whether for communication, information, work or shopping, going digital is becoming essential. Naturally, Globall Concept goes with the flow and Thierry gives us a glimpse of the path we will take in 2021.


Astrid: 2021 will be the year we go digital at Globall concept, but what do you mean more precisely by that? Just a new website?

Thierry: A new website is an important part of the digital transformation. The site will serve as a “vessel” for digital promotional campaigns, and classic ones as well. The goal is to send the potential client to our site, exactly where we want: on a product page for example. Today we can’t do that, we can only redirect to the flipbook version of the catalogue.


Astrid: So that also means a webshop?

Thierry: Yes. Our desire is to replace the “lighting & decoration” catalogue with a webshop. The benefits are massive. Each product will be put in the spotlight with the help of several pictures, videos, 3D visualizations, decoration advice or installation, … which is not possible in a paper catalogue.

This webshop will be one of the important tabs of the new site. The other tabs will be the contact page for premium customers, access to the virtual showroom, the timeline, etc.


Astrid: So, it will be possible to order online?

Thierry: This is definitely our medium-term objective. First, it will be necessary to analyse the difficulties surrounding the calculation of the transportation costs. This is not an easy task, given all the combinations of products we sell, and the number of countries we cover. However, there will be a way to fill a basket and send it to us. This basket will be directly imported into majuro, which will save a lot of time for our account managers.


Astrid: You were also talking about digital campaigns; can you tell us more?

Thierry: We will communicate much more frequently. Let’s say 20% on our achievements, 75% on our products and 5% on the company itself (about our solar panels for example).


Astrid: How will we communicate?

Thierry: For starters, we have the newsletters. Then we will continue to publish the same content on our social networks: linkedin, facebook and instagram. We are also going to focus on increasing our audience. Some posts will be “sponsored” to be seen by the greatest number. We already do it for the private sale. We can also call on influencers.


Astrid: Does this mean that we are going 100% digital?

Thierry: Certainly not. The classic approach remains very important: participate to a fair, publish communications in specialized magazines or make exchanges with radio stations, as we have done for the private sale, for example.


Astrid: More digital, does that also mean an evolution in our offer to our customers?

Thierry: Yes indeed. We started last year with the Green Wall. This year our virtual Santa Claus is a huge success. My wish is certainly to continue to develop digital interactions for our customers. By the way : all ideas are welcome!

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