I think I have a piece of my heart in each of the 20 projects we made, but I will remember Parque Principado and Vialia Estacion de Vigo.

Parque Principado is a client I wanted for several years and won for the first time in 2021. It was very important to have good products, good service, and I think we delivered. We developed this sky of stars that was very nice and even though neither the suspended elements (Waterloo wave) nor the tunnel tree were new, all together they came up shiny and nice.


Vialia Estación de Vigo was very important as it is the first shopping we make of a very important group (Nhood-before Ceetrus). They have launched this new type of shopping combining mobility services (train and bus station) with leisure and the contract is for 3 years, which is always very nice.  By the way, the city of Vigo is very famous in Spain for the Xmas illuminations they put each year.

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