End of February we unveiled an assortment of new products in the PRO range that generates a keen enthusiasm among our customers.

Amélie led the way by selling the first illuminated gifts and Mikael sold 2 Talsi gift-trees, worth  50,000€ each. This new large tree was developed internally by the R&D department, in the style of the large Moa Christmas tree.

The PRO department can also be flexible and meet specific demands of its customers: one of Mikael’s customers approached us with his own visuals and requests. The R&D department started with the conical base of a Hollywood Christmas tree, but the real challenge was to design a tree … of 21 meters! A gigantic size when you know that the most popular trees are only 8 or 12 meters.

This massive tree will be installed in the city of  Arras, France.


Also, our products continue to travel and conquer new territories: Adrien landed our first customer in Guatemala!

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