A lot of people with different jobs are involved in our Premium Projects. Today, we go behind the scenes with the Studio during their work on a project led by Ivan: Hong Kong Festival Walk.

The deadlines for presenting such projects are often very short. In this case, the Studio received the briefing on May 12 and had to deliver a full pdf presentation by May 21, which gave only a short week and a half to work on a proposal.

The theme is “The fabulous house of the gardner King”, which might remind some of you of the royal greenhouses of Laeken. After brainstorming meetings with Ivan and Thierry, Alain was in charge of the first creative part.

It all starts with a sketch on paper to let his imagination run wild:

After some colour testing in Photoshop, the original idea is transcribed in Illustrator, a program which allows you to create a vectorized drawing that can be enlarged and manipulated without compromising the quality of the image:

Based on this design, Kévin gave a soul to Alain’s vector drawing thanks to his knowledge of 3D drawing techniques:

This collaborative work got us to the 2nd round and gave us a 80% chance of winning the project! But the client made a few comments, so we have to get back to work with a new deadline: we had to finalize the presentation by June 10 because it will be presented in Hong Kong on June 11. Here is an extract from the final project that was presented to the client:

You can browse the entire presentation

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