The Hong Kong Festival Walk Xmas project is definitely the one I will remember this year😊

It is our first project in Hong Kong, my hometown. The project is huge in different areas, a new client, many tailor-made products with our exclusive Belgian design that was never seen in HK before.

The whole project has used over 100,000 LED. The giant castle is 12m tall x 8m width, and is entirely covered with an illuminated motif: it is very eyes catching and has a major wow effect.

HK market has very high standards and demands, so the whole team spent a lot of time and effort on it. The installation period was very very long: over 2 weeks midnight work, which drove us crazy. The client appreciated our design and work, saying it is really beautiful and totally different from their 20+ years decoration. There were many many good comments from the visitors as well.

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