With 1 year delay, the EURO2020 was launched on June 11 for an exceptional European Tour.
More than 20 of you are participating in our prediction game and if we follow the majority, Belgium should be the next champion!


Against Russia, Belgium won 3-0 this Saturday, June 12! What will be the score against Denmark today? Perhaps Andrea and Ann have the answer: they were the only ones who made the right prediction for this first Red Devils’ game.

That said, they are not the big winners of the first collection of Monday June 14: Thierry collected 15 points, which proves that no prior knowledge of soccer is needed in order to win and that this game is open to anybody. Astrid, Adrien, Alain and Erdem who only collected 3 points each, will come together to offer a fruit basket to the office, as requested by the winner.

The next collection will take place this Friday, June 18!

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