Festive photo opportunities

People love sharing pictures on social networks and even more when these images have captured joyful moments. Do you remember the last time you took a selfie or the last time you said to your kids “Look here, I would like to take a picture” ? There are many chances that the idea of ​​grabbing your camera came from the presence of a unique landscape, a lovely decor or simply by the fact that you are living a moment of happiness.

This is exactly how we imagine our photo ops. These are festive and decorative areas in which people can take memorable pictures : a majestic throne to sit, a giant plush to hug, an illuminated decor that highlights the faces or a sleigh for a group picture ! Perfect for animating a mall or an event, these areas allow customers to make their greeting cards, edit their profile picture on social media or create beautiful memories they can keep preciously.

Find below an overview of our photo opportunities ! A full presentation with hundreds of ideas is available on request, just send an email to info@globallconcept.com to get your copy.

Christmas tree








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