Light in fashion & lifestyle events

Illuminated decorations are not the preserve of Santa ! There are plenty of other occasions where illuminated items can be installed to catch people’s attention in shopping malls. That’s precisely what the shopping malls do during «lifestyle» events such as «Fashion Week» or «Blogger days».

During the “Blogger Days”, shopping malls organize relooking, fashion shows, make up booths and many other “beauty” animations. To create the event and to welcome famous YouTubers and iconic fashionistas, our “Dressed to Impress” collection is the one you need ! Our stiletto «Ginza» is a favourite in such events because everyone wants to strike the pose with this impressive shoe ! Just by adding baubles or gifts, this collection is of course perfect for your next Christmas decoration.

Illuminated shoe Ginza @ Blogger Days in NivellesIlluminated dress HenriettaIlluminated dresses Henrietta & AdelaïdeIlluminated shoe GinzaIlluminated dresses & Shinto tree


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