Here is a summary of the previous episodes of Adrien’s crazy experience!


Astrid: For those who haven’t heard of it yet, could you sum up the concept of “Married at First Sight”?

Adrien: It is a TV show where candidates take a series of scientific tests (personality, values, love, etc.) on a computer and via interviews with “experts”. The goal is to determine the candidates’ compatibility rate on all these aspects, and the couples selected through this process get married, at first sight, without ever having met before.

I’m participating in season 4: I was selected out of 3,500 applicants. A stroke of luck … or a twist of fate!


Astrid: How come you decided to embark on this adventure?

Adrien: As the majority of our colleagues know, I have had a string of bad luck since the end of 2017.

I fell into a coma end of December 2017 from a virus and I did not wake up until mid-January. I was on the verge of death. It was very difficult for me because my body changed dramatically: I was very muscular and I became extremely thin. I had a grey complexion, I had difficulties walking and speaking. It took me several months to get back to work. In fact, I didn’t realize what happened to me right away, it just struck me months later.

I also experienced difficulties in my love life with relationships that ended badly sometimes. And I also suddenly lost my cousin in a car accident. We were like brothers and his passing affected me a lot.

During the lockdown, I was in a relationship and I watched the show with my girlfriend. It wasn’t going very well between us and I thought “if this doesn’t work out with her, I’m signing up for this show!”


Astrid: What convinced you to sign in?

Adrien: Some people think I do this mostly for the buzz, but I sincerely believe that science can help me find someone who is right for me.

After my complicated journey over the past few years, I want to move forward and I trust science to help me. It’s a crazy experience and I learned a lot about myself; it’s very rewarding to work with real experts in their fields.


Astrid: How did the casting go? What was the process?

Adrien: I registered on the website, then they called me to find out if I was still interested. Since I did not have a stable relationship at the time, I went through with it.

I had a photo shoot, an interview with the producers, tests in front of the camera … I also had my voice recorded and I had to wear a t-shirt for 3 nights (I did workouts with it instead…).

Then I took part in workshops to give my opinion about the candidates’ voices and t-shirts, but also about a slideshow of women. I finally had to answer a very large questionnaire of 350 questions.

The experts analysed all the data and found me a woman with a 79.8% compatibility rate, but they didn’t tell me right away.

They came to do several filmed interviews of me in different situations, and when they came back for the for yet another interview, an expert came and gave me my compatibility letter.


Astrid: How did your colleagues react?

Adrien: Once I was sure I would be included in the show, I obviously asked for permission from Thierry who immediately supported me. Colleagues ask me questions; most people are supportive and that feels good.


Astrid: What do you hope for?

Adrien: I hope to meet someone with whom I am compatible and to walk a part of the way together… We don’t know what it’s going to be like, it’s the same for all couples, but I’ll make it work.


Astrid: What do you fear?

Adrien: My first fear is obviously that she will say no … it has already happened in a previous season and that would be a really hard blow to take, especially in front of the cameras.

My second fear is that the test results may not reflect who she really is and that we are in fact not compatible … but I have to trust the experts. I’m a little crazy, that’s why I embarked on this adventure.


Astrid: What is the planning for the wedding?

Adrien: The wedding date has changed several times and I was always warned at the last minute, but finally, I am getting married on Friday 4/12. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, there will be no party, but we are going on a honeymoon immediately until December 13. I don’t know where we are going yet, but given the instructions I received, I think it will be sunny! Then, the show will normally air in March-April 2021.


N.B .: Adrien signed a confidentiality agreement and cannot give details until the show airs. You know how much of a talker Adrien really is, so be kind and do not test him too much in the months to come. 😊

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